Tuesday, August 21, 2007

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I've been neglecting this thing lately. Almost two weeks since my last post.

I've fallen behind a bit as of late and as such am juggling multiple projects and running to catch up. This leads to me staying up late working after the family goes to bed (which I don't especially mind that much I just don't like worrying about not getting things done on time). Which then leads to me being rather exhausted most of the morning after our 14 month old gets us up (though huge thanks go out to my wife for letting me sleep in a little after the really late nights). I then become actually productive around 11am and the cycle continues.

It's almost 5am and I tried to go to bed around 3 but wasn't quite able to shut off my brain. Around 3:30 I decided to get back on the computer and get some work done. A little while after that I decided that drinking brain function impairing beverages (beer) was a stellar idea and a sure-fire way to get to sleep sometime soon-ish. I'm on #3 and I predict that by the time I finish this one I'll be lubricated enough to head to bed and get some sleep.

Casey's recipe for shutting your brain off when you're up way too late and can't sleep:
1 - Get beer #1 from fridge
2 - Continue to work.
3 - Get beer #2.
4 - Continue to work.
5 - Beer #3.
6 - Decide you're in no shape to work and post to your blog or go play what may very well be the most addictive and frustrating game ever or something.
7 - finish beer #3 and head to bed leaving empty bottles on desk in case anyone comes over and wonders what you do all day.

For best results the above steps should be completed inside of around 30 minutes.

On that note, I'm rounding the corner on 3 at which point I'm going to head to bed and try to sleep.

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  1. This is totally the best post so far. Awesome. Which reminds me; Katie just restocked the fridge with beer. I'm going to test out this recipe tomorrow.