Friday, August 3, 2007

Crunch Time Update

Well, it's Friday morning and I'm waiting for my ride out of town to show up.
I finished the largest project of the three however it took longer than I had anticipated. The project itself is a library for the creation of images in a variety of formats with really flexible text rendering capabilities as well as some helper functions and whatnot. I think the time was worth it though as the extra time I put into it went a long way towards making it more usable and flexible.

Because of that extra time the project took I haven't been able to focus on the other two as much as I'd wanted. I'm about halfway through the larger of the other projects and should be able to finish that Monday night or Tuesday. The good news is I managed to get the target date moved out to EOD Tuesday since both me and my "boss" are going to be on the same trip and he understands that we probably won't be back until afternoon/evening on Monday and even then won't be good for a whole lot. Though when I get home it’s definitely family time as I’m going on this trip without them.

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