Monday, July 23, 2007

Ignite Seattle - Half Baked Dot Com

Recently it was announced that at the next Ignite Seattle rather than doing a Make Contest as they've done in the past they are going to hold a Half Baked Dot Com event:

"Half-Baked Dot Com is a participatory exercise in entrepreneur improv conducted by five teams of startup addicts and judged by a crackpot panel of venture capitalists & D-list bloggers (or whomever shows up first). Faster than foreplay with jenna jameson, more creative than a VP explaining a quail hunt, and nearly as much suspense as a scheduled train wreck, Half-Baked is the latest Web 2.0 craze sweeping the unconference circuit. Show up early and bring your A-game if you want to participate, otherwise bring your [video]camera to record the heinous crime to be perpetrated on an unsuspecting audience."

In the past I've shown up for the Ignite Seattle events shortly before the talks how for this one I think I'll definitely be showing up early and possibly trying to participate. Team selection starts around 6:30 and the team presentations around 7:30. The Ignite talks will start at 8:30 as usual. They've posted a list of the talks but may be adding more. Here's the current list:

  1. Shawn Murphy - Hacking Chocolate

    Anybody can create interesting and new chocolates with some basic ingredients, imagination and a little technique.

  2. Deepak Singh - Small medicine: Nanotechnology and biology

    The start of the art in the applications of nanotechnology to healthcare and medicine

  3. Derek Gaw - uncluttring Amazon

    Amazon’s experience is often criticized for being too cluttered. I decided to see what I could do to clean it up.

  4. Elan Lee - My Clothes Tell Secrets

    Examples of storytelling and entertainment embedded in the fabric of the clothes we wear.

  5. Brian Dorsey - An embarrassment of riches - the story of Noonhat

    We live in amazing times. Individuals and small groups can build small things with big effects. Even working part time.

  6. Dave McClure - Startup Metrics for Pirates: AARRR!

    A simple 5-step model for measuring startup success: 1) Acquisition 2) Activation 3) Retention 4) Referral 5) Revenue

  7. Rob Gruhl - How to buy a new car

    Get your next new car for the best price.

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