Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Naked Truth: Followup

Last night's The Naked Truth event was fairly interesting. Most of the discussion consisted of discussion regarding the best way to get media attention for your startup. The panel consisted of:
- John Cook: Seattle Post Intelligencer
- Tricia Duryee: Seattle Times
- Michael Arrington: TechCrunch
- Fred Vogelstein: Wired
- Becky Buckman: Wall Street Journal

It was an interesting discussion though one whose content I don't have a reason to apply currently.

After the discussion there was a get together which basically meant hundreds of local entrepreneurs and other geeks drinking free beer, eating free bbq, and talking about whatever it is that they're into. I hung out with Hans Omli, met John Li from Menuism, Brian Dorsey from Noonhat (here's is a video of Brian introducing the site concept at SeattleBizJam), and some folks whose names and affiliations I can't remember.

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